Lipo Laser

No Surgery • No Crash Diet • No Extreme Workout • No Medication

LipoLaser is a pain free, non-invasive, non-surgical medically proven solution that targets the fat cells in the Subcutaneous fat layer.  Both Doctors and patients are experiencing amazing results, even on the first treatment.  There are no known harmful side effects.

Our medically proven weight loss program will is designed to produce maximum results, assisting you achieve your goals.

Benefits include:

  • Body contouring and reduction of cellulite through fat reduction
  • Pinpoints targeted treatment areas (love handles, muffin top, buttocks, back,arms)
  • Reduction of fat cells, cell regeneration, improves circulation.
  • Stimulates metabolism – “body wake up”
  • Immediate and clinically proven results – measurable loss of up to 1″ after just one treatment
  • No surgery, no injections
  • No swelling, bruising or dimpling post treatment
  • Completely painless
  • No side effects (selectively radiates only fat)
  • No downtime post-treatment

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